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The reasons pregnancy is sexy

The reasons pregnancy is sexy

Having sex appeal is a good thing have. Moreover, being pregnant is very appealing for many men.
The reasons pregnancy is sexy vary from one person to another. But there are some common reasons pregnancy is sexy.
The reasons pregnancy is sexy

1- Pregnancy is sexy because you’ve realized you’re powerful

Feeling hot is about having power. People in charge have appealing charisma. And don’t you feel powerful just being through the birth process? You created a whole human. If you can do that, you can make almost anything.

2- Pregnancy is sexy because you’re in charge

Have you ever heard of mama-bear situation? When you have a defenseless little baby you’re responsible for, this can make you more confident. Motherhood makes women less fearful and more open to all kinds of things. You’re not timid anymore about speaking up when the clinic wait is too long. And we all agree that confidence makes someone more appealing.

3- Pregnancy is sexy because breastfeeding is nature’s boob job

When you’re breastfeeding, your normally B cup breasts may be D-cup, and anything with a V-neck looks amazing. Being big breasted feels healthy and takes the attention away from any baby weight you still have to lose and makes you feel sexy.

4- Pregnancy is sexy because it makes you glow

Throughout pregnancy, a mixture of factors can create this pregnancy glow. Bigger blood volume brings more blood to veins which results in skin that is flushed. Changes in hormone levels could also make the skin glands on the face to produce more oil (sebum), that could make skin look shinier.

5- Pregnancy is sexy because it makes you have better orgasims

Many women have better, more intense orgasms during pregnancy, and that makes orgasims after delivery even greater. Anything that opens you up to a more full sexual expression is going to increase your ability for pleasure.

6- Pregnancy is sexy because you feel closer to your partner

Sometimes becoming a mother could intensify a woman’s sex life by adding dimension and depth to her intimacy with her partner. You two survived the terrifying, beautiful birth together, and now that you’ve become parents and work as a team in ways you never did before. This new bond news your relationship.

7- Your baby belly is beautiful

He, like you, is extremely excited about what's inside the belly.

8- Sex feels even better

You could not be jumping into bed more often, but regardless of the period in_between, intercourse can be next-level good. Another pleasant side effect of those hormonal changes is that many ladies experience increased lubrication and vaginal blood flow... Also, now that you're not much focused on having a baby, you can loosen up and have even greater fun.

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9- There are some things you can do to embrace your body image during pregnancy:

 1-Exercise :

Work out during pregnancy could make you feel fit, strong, and hot. Pregnant ladies are encouraged to exercise at least 30 minutes a day during pregnancy, unless your doctor  tells you otherwise.

2-Treat yourself well:

Have a good massage. Go shopping, take a warm bath, or walk outside. Focus on things that make you feel healthy and sexy while you are pregnant!

3-Have supportive friends:

It is a good thing to surround yourself with positive good people. During your pregnancy, you can be more weak and can be affected with negative talk.



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