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A woman might get her period a few days after a positive pregnancy test and assume she had a falsepositive result. However, it could be that she was pregnant but miscarried very early on. “It’s not that the test is wrong—it was completely accurate at picking up the hormone [hCG]”

A routine test during Pregnancy Glucose Test pregnancy that checks a pregnant woman’s blood sugar level,
which can be done by taking blood samples up to four times after consumption of the sugar at different time points. Read more…

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Understand your newborn crying

Understand your newborn crying Feeding, crying, cuddling, sleeping. That’s what newborn behavior is all about in the first few months. Though he or she sometimes gives you an eye contact, your newborn crying is probably the main note you’ll notice about his behavior. [...]

Different reasons behind your newborn crying

Different reasons behind your newborn crying Newborn crying is something that happens a lot—but they sleep even more. A newborn sleeps about eight hours during the day and eight hours at night interruptedly. Your baby in the general cases doesn’t sleep through [...]

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